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Minor Auto Tune-Ups in Atlanta, GA

We can make sure your car, truck, or SUV looks great at D & I Body Shop, INC. Our techs can also ensure the go matches the show. That means we’ll do any necessary minor tune-ups in Atlanta, GA, so the performance of your car equals its appearance.

We often get cars to work on that have been damaged in a collision and require bodywork to get them back into driving shape. At those times, there are usually minor mechanical issues that develop as a result of the accident. We can fix them while we’re repairing the body panels, fixing the paint, and straightening the frame.

At other times, we’ll see automobiles with headlights that are showing the harmful effects of being exposed to the weather. The lenses will get yellowed and cloudy and seriously diminish the brightness of the lights. Our headlight restoration services can bring those lights back to showroom condition so that you can drive with confidence at night and easily be seen on the roads by other motorists.

Contact us today at D & I Body Shop, INC to book a service appointment for bodywork, mechanical service, or to restore your vehicle’s headlights.